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TOFY – Time Out for You

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Welcome to our Blog.

What does that mean I wonder – “Blog” ?

Who came up with that name ?  Aah well,  clearly I am already showing my well over 40 age group !

So girls, what is the TOFY Blog about ?   Well its written by me but its actually all about YOU.  You see many of us girls are in the same boat – this equality lark thing is all very well, but it keeps us juggling an awful lot of balls in the air most of the time ! From breastfeeding whilst making a sales call to agreeing to babysit the grandchildren whilst still working because life isn’t getting any cheaper – no matter our age, background, lifestyle, where we live, single, married, divorced, we all actually face many of the same issues (said with a very strong emphasis on the ssss’s like in Kath and Kim).  And the focus tends to shift away from YOU most of the time.  This blog is designed to have a little giggle, at times be incredibly shallow (you know shoes, chocolate and champers darling) but most of all give you some time for YOU, tips on how to look after yourself for a change rather than all those others in your world.  From a 5 minute break to a whole week away we want you to get the most out of life, to enjoy it, to smile and to be strong in times of challenge.

It’s a whole new world for me – so hopefully I’ll get it right.  I’m an appalling snob so bound to offend at some stage but hey I’m over 45 I’ve got wrinkles, cellulite, I keep spotting new saggy bits in the mirror and whilst I love my heels they are a short term prospect these days.  I love cars, boats, well anything with an engine really,  which is a real juxtaposition to my love of all things really girley – frilly clothes, lipstick, shoes, handbags, magazines and speciality teas, not to mention a good glass of red.  I also have teenagers – which means I used to have babies and toddlers, I have parents and relos, amazing girlfriends, I love to travel, eat (hence the cellulite), cook, and best of all I love what I do – spoiling other girls.  So with all of that I’m hoping to connect with most of you most of the time – sometimes I won’t,  sometimes I will – you can decide which ones you read and which you don’t ! But be gentle with me – I am one of those “I like people to like me” types that takes things to heart….(although aren’t we all ?)

There will be recipes, time out tips, travel blogs, cafe reviews, ridiculous shallow conversations and maybe even the odd interview with women I admire – who knows what the future holds – we can evolve together !

I’d like to make you smile every time you read it – it is after all your greatest accessory and a lot cheaper than Tiffany daaarling….are you smiling ? Go on smile, smile, are you smiling yet ? Even if you feel terrible make yourself smile – fake it till you make it they say – smiling actually sends messages to the brain  that make you feel better and so suddenly you do – are you smiling yet ? Yes ? You’re smiling ?There you are – see how much more gorgeous you are when you do that ????

So….here we go……see you at the first TOFY blog girls !

Hope you enjoy it.  🙂