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Time out for You – Sometimes we have to remember the beauty of Nature

So here’s a little something for you girls to take just a little time out of for you to appreciate – 4.25 minutes to be precise.

Those lucky enough to live in the magnificent city of Sydney in the amazing country of Australia have this incredible landscape literally on their doorstep and yet sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves it’s there.  The Blue Mountains not only look good,  they feel good too, it’s a tangible energy.  Just escaping to them, for however shorter time you can manage, can revitalise and refresh you.

So here’s a break to the beautiful mountains for just 4.25minutes thanks to the magnificent work of Konstantin Basov.  Pop your headphones on and get lost in the music, pump it up to full screen and use it as a meditation to break up your day.

Simply click on THIS to Enjoy 🙂


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TOFY – Coffee and Venice…..what’s the connection ?


Are you a coffee lover ?
Do you hang out for that morning ceremony of sipping your daily life blood through a slightly sweetened topped with chocolate foam ?
Are you guilty of this ?

For me coffee is as much about the social aspect as the liquid itself. Having said that when I go overseas I desperately miss the quality of the fabulous coffee we are spoilt with here in Australia. In the UK they push a button to make your coffee, in the US – don’t get me started…it’s only in Italy that we truly meet our match, in fact it was Venice IMG_5763IMG_5715

that finally convinced me that tea was not the only way … 15 years ago there, I had my first coffee and have been addicted ever since – interestingly not entirely to the actual taste, it took me a while to come around to that, but to the ceremony and yes of course the effect ! A coffee is like a symbol of the start of my working day, it’s also something I share with my friends, something that goes with good conversation and laughter, something that gives me an excuse to see my girlfriends.

Over the last 10 years or so,  the abundance of coffee venue choices in the Blue Mountains has done nothing but increase – from the comfort of a bowl of coffee at Red Door in LeuraIMG_6592

to a rich smooth coffee at Elephant Bean in Katoomba or a delicious break at Anonymous Cafe in Blackheath


(where Lavender Manor is) the venues are varied and delicious. So, when you book your Girls Getaway with us don’t worry your coffee addiction will be fed well.   Even breakfast at Lavender Majestic is created grinding the beans at the point of service for each and every coffee, which is just another thing that makes our guests smile.

And that is what we are all about – making you smile. So today,  whilst you plan your Girls Getaway with the girls over a really good coffee,  make sure you smile, even better take photos of you all with cappuccino foam moustaches and post on Facebook to post to your other friends that couldn’t make it to coffee – 1.  to make them smile and 2.  to make them realise they need to make time for coffee with their girlfriends. Selfies have got too serious girls let’s make them silly again !

Looking forward to making you smile again soon….but for now let us know what’s your favourite coffee venue in the Blue Mountains and can you guess where this one is below ???