Time out for You – Sometimes we have to remember the beauty of Nature

So here’s a little something for you girls to take just a little time out of for you to appreciate – 4.25 minutes to be precise.

Those lucky enough to live in the magnificent city of Sydney in the amazing country of Australia have this incredible landscape literally on their doorstep and yet sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves it’s there.  The Blue Mountains not only look good,  they feel good too, it’s a tangible energy.  Just escaping to them, for however shorter time you can manage, can revitalise and refresh you.

So here’s a break to the beautiful mountains for just 4.25minutes thanks to the magnificent work of Konstantin Basov.  Pop your headphones on and get lost in the music, pump it up to full screen and use it as a meditation to break up your day.

Simply click on THIS to Enjoy 🙂

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