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Let is Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow !

There is something magical about snow.  When it snows in the Blue Mountains its even more magical.


Snow brings out the child in all of us, what happens when you see snow out the window ? You smile….right ? Then you contemplate going out to feel, enjoy and hear the crunch of the snow on your feet,  and finally,  many of us cannot resist the temptation to have a snowball fight or build a snowman – it brings a natural innocent joy to all of us.  Sure its cold,  yet it’s warming to the heart.


When you wake up in the morning and it’s snowed overnight it brings a natural feeling of glee. Everything is so quiet, so white, so pretty.  Perhaps it’s the rarity of seeing it, perhaps it’s an association with Santa – even though our Santa has to fight the heat to get here !  Whatever it is,  it’s special and we love it.


We posted a couple of photos on Facebook of the snow at Lavender Majestic last night and it brought much happiness to those that saw it, we got so many likes and comments – snow makes people excited, it gets them to engage with each other, it’s “happy thoughts” provoking and it’s something we all seem to love.  The girls staying at the houses this weekend were super happy – after all,  their weekend in the Blue Mountains became even more special. The lovely girls staying at Lavender Manor sent us this photo of the garden at Lavender Manor.


So come on up and stay with us, possibly enjoy the magic of snow but we guarantee you’ll enjoy the magic of the Blue Mountains whatever the weather.  Life is about experiencing joy – make sure you don’t deny yourself of it.

For details click here  or you can always call Nicky on 0412884061 – I love discussing making a break away for you and your girlfriends a special one.

Go on you deserve a little joy 🙂