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So what do your REALLY want for Mothers Day ???

So is it a book ? A pair of socks ? Or a box of chocolates ?

Or is it actually none of the above and you actually just want some TIME……

You see being a Mum is busy.  These days it’s ridiculously busy ! Most have to work as well as be a Mum, and if not,  their list of co-curriculur activities to get their kids to or amount of negotiating with toddlers, or adhering to perfect advice in breastfeeding books to meet modern expectations of parenting are endless.

Don’t get me wrong being a Mum is absolutely THE best “job” in the world and those of us lucky enough to be one are blessed, but it’s also a career that can cause elation followed by exhaustion, doubt followed by jubilation, guilt followed by pride, smiles followed by tears.  The amount of emotions alone are tiring !

So sometimes I think us Mum’s need a break.  Now I’m not talking two weeks in the Maldives (yes I heard you all sigh then) – you actually know how much denial of the kids treats and how many checklists and pre-work and post work effort that would take !  No, I’m talking just a simple little break – perhaps an afternoon tea in the city to feel like a Princess (see my very own beautiful Mum doing just that below) or a night or even two (oh the joy of two full nights sleep !) away with your besties.  But the trouble is we rarely give ourselves that luxury.  Well Mothers Day actually gives you permission to do so – you can even use your own Mum as an excuse ! You see your Mum (if you are lucky enough to still have her) wants some time too….your time.  My kids are already teenagers (where did that go) and I am already dreading the day when they move out (yes I know I’ve been lucky so far – I haven’t felt like throwing them out yet !) so I can’t imagine what it must be like not to see your son or daughter for weeks, months even years because they are so busy with work/overseas/dealing with their own kids.

So here’s a challenge for you.  This year for Mother’s Day ask the one you need the support from to take care of the kids to give you some time as a gift.  Ask them to give you a moment with your friends or that afternoon tea with your mum or better yet get a bunch of your girlfriends together and get them all to do the same – to achieve that ubiquitous “leave pass” we all seem to need to achieve for a weekend away together.

I mean,  imagine escaping to the beach to walk in the sand, drink coffee overlooking a cute harbour, enjoy a wine tasting at a winery or even better delectable seafood at Rick Stein’s fabulous restaurant. (Yes there is more after the photos I haven’t finished yet)

seafoodatricksteins coffeebytheharbour afternoonteawithmum walkingtothebeach

We know you what you need, and to make to easy for you we’ve put together a “Take Mum to Mollymook” Package together for Mothers Day. Whether it’s just you and your Mum that go or you and a bunch of Mums,  we know we need to remind you that you DO deserve it, you ARE able to do it and Mothers Day gives you the EXCUSE to do it !  I know it might seem bizarre to ask to be away from your kids for a Mothers Day Gift but believe me they will appreciate the more calm, collected, and in fact appreciative woman that returns after her break and they will also appreciate HER a little more too !

To check out what we’re talking about simply click HERE

And, naturally as a Mum,  we’ll ensure you receive a Mothers Day Gift on arrival too, and we’ve even made it an easy deposit/payment process so you can save up for it.

Don’t forget if you need a further excuse, you can buy it as a Gift Voucher on behalf someone else (that way he doesn’t even have to think !) or for you (great conspiracy tactic girls – all buy one for each other! ) – we are happy to date these for use over the next year some time.

Just click HERE Go on #youdeserveit