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Living in the Now with your Girlfriends

So much has been written about being “present” and yet in this digital age we live in it becomes harder and harder to achieve.  Sometimes life throws us a curveball that makes us consider this concept more carefully and sometimes we are just getting older and suddenly start to realize what really matters.

Thankfully I am one of the latter.  Sure getting older has it’s challenges (aching knees anyone?)  but it also brings delight and sadly too regret, but that forces us to think and act a little differently.  When my kids were little I thought it would go on forever – the lack of sleep the endless making of food and the constant buying of supplies in-between my working week.  Yet now as they are young adults suddenly it’s all a blur.  Thank goodness for video and photos that show me I was actually there, I did do some good stuff for my kids and even better they tell me this too (although they also tell me when I yelled there was nothing they found more frightening – yes I was real, I reached breaking points,  I yelled !)

What’s the point of all this? Well the point is we need to start making life less of a “blur” we need to take in each moment, enjoy each day and learn from each bad time.  When we catch up with a friend for a coffee we need to switch our phone to airplane mode so we cannot be distracted by even a vibration, we need to arrange special time away with friends to get into a true and deep conversation (again turn off the phone please) and we need to suck up every moment – check out the colours of the trees in detail, take a spot on a rock at a lookout and breathe deeply. When someone spoils our day we need to think what we learned from that – what was that person or event meant to teach us ? When we yell at our kids we need to hug them later with equal vigour.

We did a few “being present” exercises at our Mini Girls Getaway in December you might like to try them at home or indeed on your next Girls Getaway

  1. Turn your phone to airplane mode for a period of time – you decide how long
  2. Practice “Mindful Meditation” – I find my mind is just too busy to just stop so I like this practice – you simply do something very simple like take a sip of water from a glass but observe every aspect of that action in detail : How does the glass feel against your lips ? What is the temperature of the water ? What is the thickness of the glass, how does the water feel as it goes down your throat and so on. Focus entirely – just a couple of minutes each day can make the world of difference to your mindset.
  3. Make time for making memories. Stop saying “let’s catch up” make a time in your diary, stick to it, and honour it with the commitment friendship deserves.
  4. Start a “Grateful” Diary. Write just one thing last thing at night/first thing in the morning you are grateful for on that day.

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