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Top Ten Tips for a truly awesome Girls Weekend Away

Science has proven that getting away with your girlfriends is good for your health.

Plus believe it or not it’s not a bad thing for your partner and kids to realise just how much you do if you are not around for a couple of days.

Taking care of you also makes sure you can take care of them, no guilt girls.

Here’s our top tips on how to create the perfect Girls Weekend.

1. Keep it personal.

  • A group of 4-8 is perfect.
  • Beyond that you break up into smaller groups anyway over the weekend and too many tastes and desires need to be accommodated.

2. Only go with friends that make you feel good.

  • Pick the attendees wisely. Are they critical and demanding? If they are, leave them out of it.
  • Surround yourself with people that lift you up not those that drag you down and create tension or unhappiness.

3. If you have a control freak in the group – either give them some tasks to give them control or right up front discuss who this weekend is for and why – for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

4. Pick the right group for the right weekend away.

  • You can’t please all of the people all of the time so pick the weekend you want then choose the group that would love that.
  • There is no point in taking friends that don’t drink on a wine weekend or those that hate massage on a spa weekend (yes I know both of these are fairly rare but they make my point:) )

5. Pick somewhere that offers a per person package.

  • This takes all the financial calculation burdens away and invariably a package is a saving on a separately costed getaway anyway.
  • Sites like these offer different packages in different locations with different inclusions for different budgets.

6. Find a venue that will let you take your own drinks or pay separately for beverages.

  • We’ve all been there – the non drinker or the pregnant girl paying for a bunch of drinks you didn’t even get to enjoy in the split bill.
  • Going BYO or somewhere you go order your own drinks at the bar saves money for those that wish to and allows that really want to go to town to do that too.

7. Cater the break away in time to your chosen group – a bunch of mums with newborns will only be able to get a few hours or a night away, a bunch of ladies celebrating a 60th will probably want extended leave from their hubbies ! One night stay packages are rare but there are some see here  for examples.

8. Organise as much as you can before you go but make sure you leave some downtime.

  • Whilst it’s fun to do lots of things it’s also for many a real treat to just sit down and read a magazine.
  • Booking a house rather than hotel rooms gives you a far more relaxed feel for your group you don’t have to dress for breakfast and you can have very open discussions and giggles without fear of the kids in the family next to you in the hotel lounge wondering what “hot flushes” really means.
  • By the way don’t assume booking a house means no one to spoil you and you have to fill the dishwasher at this place you have a butler to do it for you !

9. Pick a location with some great girley things to do.

  • Be it shopping, afternoon tea, a winery or great beach walks pick somewhere that has pick a location that has some “free” things to do, and check out the locations on the way there.
  • For example a trip to the South Coast of NSW just wouldn’t be the same without a stop, shop and cup of tea at the lovely town of Berry.
  • This site and this site gives you some great things to do on a Girls Weekend – we love the suggestion of doing something your kids would normally do to bring back your inner child .

10. Adapt when things go wrong.

  • Nothing is perfect, ever. So if something goes wrong, if it’s minor see if you can fix it yourselves (women have many talents), solve the problem and move on.
  • If there are staff on site simply ask them if they can solve it for you – in hospitality all they ever want to do is make sure you have a good time so if you ask they will usually go out of their way to help and fix it.
  • If you can call/email someone you booked it through/agent/owns the property then ask them for help again it’s not usual for them to not help and in fact many would be upset if they found out AFTER your stay because then they can’t do anything about it…make sure you take their details with you though so that you CAN call them.